Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take medications while at the Hickey House?
A: Yes, many clients utilize local psychiatric and medical resources. All medications must be approved by the Assistant Director and/or the Director. Mood altering medications (suboxone, klonopin, gabapentin, etc.) are not allowed. CBD, Kratom, “Sleepwalkers”, etc. are also prohibited.

Q: Does the Hickey House provide rides to different venues?

A: The Hickey House provides transportation to outside meetings. Assistance in getting to probation appointments, doctor’s appointment, court dates, and other important scheduling matters is assisted, but the client maintains responsibility for scheduling and communicating their need for assistance. Transportation assistance to work and other day-to-day duties may be assisted by other clients, but there is no guarantee.

Q: How long does the program last?

A: Completion of the Hickey House program generally means 12 months of continual participation.

Q: Can I go anywhere in the area while I’m at the Hickey House?

A: Clients enter the program on a probationary 30 day period where a buddy system is in place. Clients may not go to town or go where they please on their own. After the probationary period, clients may come and go as the wish, maintaining their meeting attendance and complying with 11pm curfew.

Q: Do I have to work while at the Hickey House?
A: Yes, clients must have a full time job or some other day-to-day vocation like school.

Q: What happens if I relapse?
A: Consequences for using/drinking and non-compliance of rules include, but are not limited to, dismissal from the program. While individual situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, relapse means termination from the Hickey House program.

Q: Do clients do any activities?
A: Outside of meetings, the Hickey House does movies, hiking, sports, and kayaking trips as a group on a rotational basis. Clients are encouraged to find people with other interests and pursue whatever brings them happiness.

Q: Can I drive my car?
A: Clients earn the right to drive a vehicle after 6 months of time in the program.

Q: Who is in charge?
A: Each house has a resident manager who exists as a primary contact for the client. The Assistant Director and the Director are next level supports for inquiries, problems, or other matters that need to be addressed.

Q: Is smoking allowed?
A: Yes but outdoors only. Vaping is NOT allowed due to potential for abuse.