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A Long Term Sober Living Program


The Hickey House is a sober living program designed to help men recover from substance abuse and learn skills necessary to be productive members of society. Based on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, the program includes daily 12-Step meeting attendance, structured living with curfew and a work program where the resident pays his own way by working a full-time job in the local community. Located on the banks of the headwaters of the Chattahoochee river and next to the Chattahoochee National Forest, the Hickey House makes use of the great outdoors to help men reconnect with nature and to find new ways of having fun that are not chemically related. The Hickey House has been in operation for over 33 years with many successful alumni still living in the North Georgia area.





Our houses are designed to make a resident feel comfortable and at home. There are two individuals per bedroom with cable TV access in each room and Wifi throughout all the residences. Residents share common areas such as the kitchen, weight room and living rooms with flat screen TVs. Other amenities on our properties include trout fishing, volleyball, hiking trails and outdoor decks for enjoying the mountain atmosphere. Resident Staff members reside in each facility to maintain compliance with the policies and rules of the Hickey House Program.  Each man is expected to complete a daily chore and to maintain a teamwork attitude toward household responsibilities. The residents  make food choices and create a shopping list in the House Meeting held weekly at each facility.