1. No mood altering chemical use allowed. Relapse is grounds for dismissal.
  2. No vaporizers allowed. No tobacco use of any type allowed indoors. There will be a $100 fine, if caught in violation of the aforementioned smoking rules.
  3. No physical violence or threat of violence by any residents will be tolerated either on or off Hickey House property. Destruction of personal or Hickey House property, whether intentional or otherwise,  is grounds for dismissal.
  4. No weapons of any type are allowed on Hickey House property.
  5. All  residents must work a full-time 40-hour/week job or the equivalent in community service. Full-time college is allowed after 90 days in the program.
  6. No gambling allowed in any Hickey House facility; $50 fine will be imposed for violation.
  7. Each resident must keep his personal habitat sanitary and neat. This includes the making of beds each morning. All residents will be awake and out of bed by 9 a.m. each weekday.
  8. All residents will respect an 11:00 p.m. curfew and be inside their house by that time. (Meaning inside the house).
  9. Residents are required to attend all mandatory meetings listed on the meeting schedule. A minimum of one meeting per day is required.
  10. All residents will respect a 10:00 p.m. Quiet Time. All public areas close at 11:00 p.m. 
  11. All residents will be required to pay per week for house money. This is in addition to the weekly program cost. This money is to cover the food cost of each house and any additional supplies. Any resident more than two weeks behind on house money will be dismissed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  12. Personal vehicles are not allowed for the first six months.
  13. No females are allowed on Hickey House property at any time, except the Blue House during the open meetings.
  14. All residents are responsible for the cleanliness, appearance, and maintenance of their respective houses. Cleaning meetings will be scheduled if this is not adhered to.
  15. All residents are responsible for the completion of their assigned chores.
  16. Disrespecting, lying to, defying, or any other non-compliant behavior toward staff is grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.
  17. New residents are not allowed to leave the house alone for 30 days. After 90 days, a resident may request evaluation for the purpose of a weekend pass. One weekend pass per month, per resident.
  18. No unauthorized prescription medications are allowed. No alcohol based personal hygiene products. All medications must be kept locked up and dispensed by the staff unless they have been approved to be held by the resident. All medications will be discussed prior to admission. Failure to comply means automatic dismissal.
  19. Accountability boards will be used by all residents. Failure to comply will result in extra chores, house restriction, and/or dismissal.
  20. Tattoo parlors, head shops, bars, and otherwise are off limits to all residents.
  21. No cell phone or food allowed during any 12-step meeting.
  22. Disciplinary action for noncompliance to the aforementioned or hereafter approved rules will include, but not be limited to the following consequences: extra chores, house restriction, writing assignments, and/or dismissal from the program.