Many times, when someone is in the grip of a substance abuse problem, their morals are eroded, judgment is impaired and legal consequences are accumulated. For many years, the Hickey House has worked with individuals who have incurred legal issues as a direct result of their addiction.

The Georgia Department of Pardons and Paroles inspects and approves residential programs and composes an approved list, called the THOR directory  for the judicial system of Georgia to use in referring offenders to substance abuse treatment and supervised, structured sober living. The Hickey House has been an approved program since the state of Georgia began inspecting programs and is listed as an “Intensive Recovery Residence,” which is the highest recognized program level. Along with being an approved program by the courts and the Department of Corrections, at present the Hickey House offers the services of a credentialed staff member with judicial experience to testify on behalf of a resident at any legal proceeding while he is attending the Hickey House Program. This “expert witness” — who can detail the proactive actions the resident has been taking — can be a great benefit in the disposition of a resident’s case. The Hickey House works in tandem with hired legal counsel to establish the best outcome for the resident by explaining to the court what actions the individual has been taking to rectify the problem that caused him to break the law. Our expert witness has experience appearing in Georgia Superior Court Systems throughout the state and makes himself available to each resident at a cost per appearance.